“Expert” Diamond Jubilee?

Hi, everyone!  The version of Gregg that I learned was the DJS, but I always have had a fascination with what came before it and how the system was changed over the years.  Some of the elements of the earlier versions make sense, and aren’t hard to read. 
DJS was easier to learn than Simplified, but it has its limitations.  Somewhere, I read that there was some book published called “DJS Expert” or something of the sort, especially for people who had learned the Diamond-Jubilee system, but who wanted to go back and learn more shortening devices for higher speeds.  Does anyone know anything about this?

(by troyfullerton for everyone)

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  1. There are some copies on the Abebooks and Alibris websites.  Of course the Alibris has a real cheap copy compared to Abe's prices.    I must be stubborn – I like DJS and plan on staying with it.   Have a nice day, Joanne

  2. Interesting that Alibris had a lower price than one of the sellers at abe.com.  My experience has usually been the opposite, although I confess I haven't used Alibris that much.  For example, I needed a copy of Emily Dickinson's complete poems, and just found a "very good/very good" copy of the hardbound 1960 edition for $2.95 . . . maybe I'll see if Alibris could have beaten that.  It's good to have alternatives.   Alex

  3. When I read "Gregg Expert Speed Building," the impression I got was that a lot of the words they had expert shortcuts for are not terribly common. There are some common and useful words, such as has, had, him, her, and people. But many of the others are rather uncommon. What you might want to do is to look at learning some of the brief forms in Simplified, or even Anniversary. For example, in Simplified you have brief forms for commonly used words like all [o on side], always [o-l-s], more [m], most [m-o], any [n-e], and body [b-o].

  4. If you are interested in buying "Gregg Expert Speed Building," you can find several copies at bookfinder.com. If you want the Diamond Jubilee edition, make sure that the copyright date is 1968, and Charles Zoubek is the only author. Earlier editions were coauthored with Clyde Blanchard.

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