Direction of “Why”, “Eye”, “Eyes”

I’m posting this just in case I’m not the only one (and I hope I’m not). “Why” is written counter-clockwise, apparently! And for *months* I’ve been going the other way, trying to get that little inside line correct.

I’ve scanned the Simplified manual and found only an indirect reference to this rule (in lesson One “a” is compared to the same letter in longhand—the “why” outline is similar in shape), and only made the connection upon seeing the plural form of “eye” in the Dictionary, where Rader’s little inside line clearly follows through to become the backward “s” underneath, where it lifts off. *Much* easier!

Appologies for the noise to everyone else who got it right from the start!


(by routine-sibling for everyone)

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  1. As for the noise, we're all trying to quiet down, but some of us are only chuckling because we realize how narrowly we escaped making that mistake and recalling some of the other initial misunderstandings we had–especially in the beginning.   e.g. I remember puzzling–being totally stumped–over the placement of an 's' in a reading in simplified and finally found out it was a comma.   (We could have a thread entitled "Laughing with You" where we share our blunders and bloopers.)   P

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