Has anyone tried Handywrite?  It’s kinful to Gregg, with some added stuff.  I like a few of the ideas, but some of the vowels seem kinda funky.  Maybe that’s just my take on it.
Any ideas?
(by blondcherokee for everyone)

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  1. The website for Handywrite talks about using an alternate alphabet (ie Gregg + a few changes) but the author seemed to like using the english spellings. I guess I'm not really into the idea of using the full English spelllings in my shorthand.

  2. Blondcherokee,   I investigated Handywrite and Handyhand a couple of years ago. The responses I got were not positive, and I must admit that Gregg (Diamond Jubilee is the flavour I've been studying) is a huge lot faster and easier.   If you want something free, try downloading Anniversary from Andrew's website. Or if you have a few dollars, do what I did–buy DJS from Abe books. I got both college textbooks, the expert book, and a dictionary for $20 including shipping to Canada.   Jim  

  3. My handywrite experience was pleasant, but soured when I got to know Gregg. HandyWrite is an all-well meaning system but in its attempt to create an accurate phonetic alphabet out of the gregg characters, it corrupts half the rules that Gregg hold sacred. They add in strokes for w, add in vertical line strokes, all kinds of things that make it look like a corruption of Gregg.   The main problem is no serious person that has mastered the system and could do a real makeover to it. The author obviously is not a master, because he makes the outlines with lines and curves from a software program, instead of scanning his personal outlines. Theres really not much to say about it, its a very amateur rewrite of Gregg which would have serious speed barriers.   PS – I tried Handywrite for 5 days before switching to Anniversary and have been learning it intensively for the last month.

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