“Forever” question

I was looking at the shorthand comparisons chart showing The Lord’s Prayer in different versions and was struck by the word “forever” is Gregg, which is written disjoined f ev.

I have always written forever as f (for) e v joined. I looked in my 1916 dictionary to see if there was a conflicting word such as fever, fervor, etc., but didn’t find anything written f e v.

Anyone have a comment as to why the disjoined version might be preferable to joining the “for and ever” ??

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  1. This rule only applies to compound words, so, in addition to "forearm" and "forever", the words "forewarn", "forehead", "foreordain", "forewoman", and "foreword" are written with the disjoined f. Write in full (with f – o – r) and joined the words "forage", "foramen", "foray", "forest", and "forum", since these are not compound words.

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