Functional Method Chap XI & XII Transcriptions

I am in the last chapter (XII) of the Functional Method (Anniversary).  There are still a few tricky words and phrases where I need/miss the transcription key at the end of the book.  Someone took my crutches away!
This morning, I was tripped up on the phrase ‘at all events’  (t-o-e-v) in Chapter 12 until I finally found it in the the Phrase Book.  But, I have had to skip a few that I just could not get.
Does anyone know if the last two chapters transcriptions have been posted anywhere?
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(by edmoonus for everyone)

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  1. Thank you Chuck and Marc. I will take you up on your offer of assistance with specific outlines. Just a few trip me up now and then, and I know the right thing to do is just keep on going and then go back. But, I find it hard to do. I really want to learn that outline so it won't trip me up again.

    I did do a search for the Teacher's Manual found one for Simplified, but not the two volume Anniversary edition.

    I will keep looking.

    Thank you.

  2. There is a teachers manual for Anniversary with the key.  I found it off ebay, so if someone can't figure out the outline I can find (yes find) the teachers manual and let you know.  It's probably hard to find because there probably wasn't many made and it's soft cover, very easily damaged (although mine is in excellent condition). Debbi

  3. Chapter XII, Paragraph 485,   "The Only Preservative" from CALLISTHENES,  SELFRIDGE AND COMPANY, LTD., London   I would have enjoyed transcribing the entire passage for this post, but I am not sure about the copyright status.  I do know there is a book of the same name published in 1933.  'A collection of approximately 200 topical articles, short anonymous pieces signed by 'Callisthenes' that appeared in various London newspapers during the late 1920s and early 1930s, as part of advertisements for Selfridge's department store.'   Anyway, it is a good article, but I need help with two TEM blend outlines on page 543 of the Functional Method.   This is the sentence … "The strongest building ever made by man is undone (not 100% sure about this one either) by the elements [s-tem-u-s] swiftly [s-tem-s] gradually as soon as man's effort and care are withdrawn." …   Thank you for the help.   Eric    

  4. The word is "sometimes".  So the whole sentence reads:   The strongest building ever made by man is undone by the elements, sometimes swiftly, sometimes gradually, as soon as man's effort and care are withdrawn.   If you enjoy Calisthenes' short readings, more of them appear on the Functional Method Dictation book, by Leslie.

  5. Thank you very much Chuck!   This one threw me. The first outline looked like it had a 'u' before the ending 's' in contrast the second outline, and I could not get the phrase 'as time moves' out of my head even though I know the rule about using 's' for as is valid only if it appears at the beginning and end.  Using 's' for sometimes just didn't come to mind.   I will look for the Functional Method Dictation Books.  Thank you again. for helping out a newbie.

  6. I was also a little tenuous about the word undone in
    this sentence. The Gregg outline was (n-d-n), and I
    was expecting to see (n-den). Is it because 'den' is
    used for so many other things it is not used for the
    worde done. In my mind, d-n is down not done.

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