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Here’s an technique I use to practice. Just thought I’d pass it along.  Maybe others use it also.
I use flashcards, one side has English, one side has Gregg.
I spend some time looking at the Gregg and making sure I can translate it, then spend some time looking at the English and writing the Gregg. 
If I miswrite the Gregg, I right the word or phrase over and over for at least one line, maybe two if I’ve really botched it.
I keep three separate piles. 
Group 1: words I know i know.
Group 2: words I’m pretty good at, but might miss or mistroke occasionally (such as making the ‘r’ stroke too long. 
Group 3: words I totally don’t know or constantly mistroke
I spend most of my time group 3, some on group 2, and just  make sure I review group 1. 
Does anyone else have any practice tips? It’s always good to know what others are doing, get a good ideas from others.

(by blondcherokee for everyone)

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  1. Here's a "typical" practice hour. ~5 mins reviewing the lesson I'm working on. ~Flashcards (30 mins) ~15 mins are group 3, ~10 mins are group 2, ~5 mins are group 1. ~15 mins reading English and transcribing. ~15 mins writing Gregg in sentences. ~5 mins looking forward to next lesson, just reading it.   Ok, ok, it's actually an hour and ten minutes, but close enough lol   ~Mike

  2. I like your system.  One thing that I would recommend is to drill those brief forms, not only reading them fast, but you must write them fast, without hesitation.   Also, go back to the previous lessons, making sure that you have understood all of the principles.  A lot of shorthand learning comes from analogy.  So if you see a rule, think of words in addition to the ones presented for which the rule may apply.   Which lesson/series are you studying right now?

  3. I do practice the briefs. On the flash cards, I spend part of the time reading the Gregg and translating, another part reading the English, writing it down, then checking it from the other side. Guess I wasn't all that clear.   But I like your point about reviewing the previous lesson. I didn't think of that, but makes a lot of sense.  I'm just on the first sections, but once I move onto section 2, I'll take your advice.   Thanks!!   ~Mike

  4. Links with more help on practicing: How to Practice Reading Practice Help Practice Practice Practice   Rereading the previous lessons you've done is a great way to practice and review what you've learned.  Plus it makes me feel smarter because I cn read them faster then the first time. Debbi

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