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  1. Holy cow.   Two reactions:   First, grab what you can–whatever they'll let you have you should take.  Some of those things are going to be really rare.   Second, aren't they a little behind for spring cleaning?  The Gregg Writer hasn't been published since, what, about 1950?  (The latest issue I have is June 1950, and I have a Today's Secretary from 1951).  In addition to those treasures, I wonder what other kinds of things they might have uncovered . . . . Hopefully no long-missing teachers or students, although that could make a great creepy story.   Alex

  2. Actually, all of my business teaches are fluent in shorthand. If I remember correctly, the Gregg Writers were various issues from the teens through the thirties, I cannot check though, because school was out on Friday. I think that the dictation records were 40, 60, and 80 WPM, and were made by RCA Victor?? They are even 78 RPM! There were also some other records in there, but I do not remember what they were. I also tried out the TeleTrainer machine on Thursday, and it works like a charm! It even has the original Bell instruction card, baby blue rotary dial phones, which are even four prong jacks, and everything! I also tested one of my business teachers with the dictation records, and she could still do 60 WPM, and 80 was her max, years ago. I also have another business teacher that uses shorthand daily, and could do 120 WPM!

  3. As many of you may know, I've worked for a university for 20 years which used to have a "business education" department where shorthand and typing were taught.  I was with the university when shorthand was discontinued.  You'd think, at that time, I'd have realized they were going to get rid of YEARS of tapes, cassettes, books, etc.  But noooooooooooo.   About two years ago, it finally dawned on me to ask for any unwanted shorthand materials.  The secretary there screamed "Where were you when I had to get rid of TONS of that stuff?"  Anyway, she found one Simplified book and two Dictation Disk cassettes, one of which was broken.  Tons, indeed!   I'm ticked off because the department chair at the time shorthand was discontinued was a good friend of mine.  She didn't even think of contacting me.  And you can't believe how upset I am for not having asked sooner!   🙁   Marc    

  4. If you don't get all those records and other treasures I may come and whop you on the head (I have your address remember).  If the school wants to sell them you would have all of us out-bidding each other in a heartbeat!  Let us know what happens.   Joanne

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