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Hi All,

I was just woundering what the SH speeds are that people are able todo in this group. Personally, I’m struggling even to get 40WPM, but I’ve only been doing it for about a year so far.

Should be good to see what the fastest speed here is.


(by stevennerobot for everyone)

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  1. Also about 80wpm. I've been having the darnedest time sticking with it. I get to about lesson 50 and then drop it for months at a time, review up to lesson 50 again, then drop it again 😀

    What's most amusing though is you and I both have about 80wpm without intensive training, but all those modern alphabetic shorthand systems praise 80wpm as their peak speed goals with months of professional training! If only people could see the light…

  2. One could do past 120 wpm if you practice.  Know the phrases and the terms and learn all the strokes.   I'm new here.  I never thought there are still people interested in shorthand.  Oh, and I learned gregg 1 – 4 in different area: clerical, which is basic; medical was hard; legal was okay; technical was harder; denominational was okay; and executive was great after steno IV, except the speed.    Old school.

  3. Beth:

    I'm in my 40s.The younger generation admires/envies us because shorthand (and cursive) was taught in schools.

    Similarly, we in our 40s admire your generation because you were taught shorthand and cursive better than we. 🙂

    Remember penmanship classes? If only we were so lucky…

  4. Hi,   I am in my 40's too (grin).  I do remember my "writing" class in grade school.  That was part of the just like our history and english and math.  Wow! thinking about it… I remember we had to practiced and was graded.As to stenography, it was challenging.  I remember it was like being in grade school when I started in shorthand I – clerical and we have to practice and we have to make sure that our instructor could read it.    

  5. steno IV 220 wpm. Seldom reached that speed except when the dictation was simplier.  That's why a lot of us had to memorized terms (legal, medical, business, and technical) And the phrases… One thing that made it hard was control of the stroke. If you make it longer, it is a different word; bigger a different word or letter.  As to speed, one develops his/her own technique and then practice… When  you get a chance, doodle different strokes.

  6. Beth–you wrote at 220wpm using Gregg?

    Wow! Even for our generation, that kind of speed was rare. Where did you take the Steno IV class–a business college?

    The business colleges in my area all taught machine shorthand when a writer wanted to go at those speeds…

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