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  1. There are a gazillion (to use my kids' word) used Gregg books for sale (cheap) on amazon.com, abebooks.com and/or eBay at any given time that lay it all out for you.  Just choose your poison as to which Gregg version you want.  I like Diamond Jubilee (DJS) myself and Centennial is very similar.  Avoid Series 90 like the plague.  Versions older than DJS get progressively more difficult to learn but have better speed potential — something that will not be realized by most (nearly all?) new Gregg writers today, myself included.  So better off going with one of the easier-to-learn versions (DJS, Cent.)

  2. When I first tried Gregg Shorthand I didn't know there was a difference, just found a book at a used thrift store and it was hard.  It was Anniversary.  Then I learned Speedwriting (alphabetic) in a night class, very easy.  Then I found some newer Gregg Shorthand books, DJS, a little easier.  Then I had to learn shorthand all over again for a job (well it would help) and I had pretty much given up on shorthand and given all my books away (well…) and so I went back to some thrift stores and found one.  it was Annivesary.  LOL.  So since I had learned DJS it was a little easier.  Good luck in your endeavors. Debbi

  3. hi… I know shorthand because I went to school for it.  Shorthand is fun once you know the basic and memorize phrases.  Clerical is easy; legal is not so bad; medical was kinda hard; technical was getting harder; LOL denominational was also easy; and executive was easier after going through shorthand 1 – 4.  But that was eons ago. hehehe!!! that tells a lot… lol

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