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Well, I am 100% new to this site. I need help…I want to take some brushup classes for Gregg Shorthand.  It has been many, many years since I have used it, but I am now in a position with the job I have that this would be a definite asset.  I am in the Legal Department for a major Cargo Airline company and shorthand would come in handy so many times.  It has been at least 35 years since I have used it, but I know it is like riding a bicycle.  Once you get going again, it all comes back.  When I stopped I was taking it at a little over 100 wam.  Can anyone give me any suggestions?
Thanks so much.

(by nancigirl for everyone)

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  1. Hi Nancy, welcome to the group.   If it was 35 years ago you learned, then the system you used would be Diamond Jubilee. If you learned before 1963, then you would have learned Simplified, and after 1977, it would likely have been Series 90.   There are Diamond Jubilee brush up materials —   Audio Forum has one that might be DJS   and Madeline Strony et al wrote a refresher, which is usually available from   Refresher Course in Gregg Shorthand (Diamond Jubilee Series)   or on ebay.   We also have a DJS teacher in the group — Ms Letha — but I don't know if she does refresher programs.   There is a Series 90 refresher program at but if you learned DJ, that may not be an option — the brief forms and "spelling" of the outlines are very different than DJS.   Many group members have been teaching themselves from text books.   Good luck.   Billy (sidhetaba) DJS writer

  2. Hello,   I learned Gregg shorthand, but that was 20 some years ago. I do use it though once in a while when I am taking minutes.  I think the best way to do is learn your phrases again and practice.  Use a tape for dictation; you'll just have to get use to listening your voice or you could have someone read/tape and you transcrib.  There is/was a book for legal terms (gregg), but that was eons ago.  Just practice and learn your basic phrases.  I hope this would help.

  3. By the way, I purchased the dictionary for legal and medical terms from EBAY. I collect books of the various shorthand versions. I even have the old records for self study for Gregg, Pitman, an ABC shorthand.

    Are there any classes or tutors in the Bay Area? I live in San Jose, California. I'm interested in learning Anniversary. Please let me know. Thanks, Vic.

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