No one knows Gregg?

Hi all,

I take it nobody on here is able to actually read Gregg? Haven’t heard any positives on my “diary entry” posting of a few days ago and was a bit confused. If anyone actually knows Gregg on here – please give a shout!



(by epirnik for everyone)

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  1. LOL I think it's because their gregg is hard to read.  I know DJS and Anniversary (pretty well, finished the books and am continueing to study).  But that entry was hard even for me.  I have read Simplied too (Have the expert book for court reporting).  A lot of shorthand writers will change outlines, I have.  Especially when we can't remember them (I believe there are over 200 breif forms in Anniversary alone).  So my own personal Gregg shorthand isn't as accurate as it can be. Debbi

  2. If you're talking about the sample you uploaded, it's just the writer's shorthand that's hard to read because of the problems given above. In general, I can read Simplified at about 80wpm. The sample recalls my own diary entries from when I was just starting the system and didn't know many brief forms or rules.

    Sorry we can't be of much help!

  3. Also, the broken English makes it hard to use context clues to figure out words. But really, I'm just not too keen on transcribing secret mesages regarding a living comm. diktator…call me paranoid (not that I could get more than 60% of what is there).

  4. lol – well guess i'm going to have to try and track down his old secretary. of course – she's probably 150 years old by now but . . . lol

    it was worth a shot! I have heard that a lot of folks customize their shorthand as well – I'm wondering if perhaps that was a problem – did you see the context I typed in my previous entry to this forum? I wrote out what appers in long-hand above the shorthand entries.

    OK, cheers everyone.


  5. Vic I found it at a second hand store.  I should have bought another copy I found but thought someone esle might want it.  I just saw it said "expert shorthand for speed" or something like that (can't remember at the moment, I think I have too many…) and didn't know it was for simpified or even court reporting or anything.  I just bought it.  I think it was before this board. Anyway I found from this board, that it's simplified with the "speed" part being brief froms from Anniversary.  I though it would help me with speed.  But it's fun to read.  It also has letters to The President.  A few court letters. I read it from time to time. Debbi

  6. The REAL reporting text is by Charles Lee Swem (yes, that Swem!), a large (8 x 11 or thereabouts) blue book which contains TONS of new material.

    Yes, new material designed for the person who had already gone through a pre-Anniversary manual. The text was still used for Anniversary students as well. I was always under the impression that an Anniversary writer had to go back to learn pre-Anniversary to be a court reporter.

    Of course, the blue book (don't have the name here; I'm at work!) referred to the Reporting Shortcuts book (red and small which contained yet more words and phrases which had to be learned!) and, I believe, one other book, which escapes me at the moment.

    I've only seen the blue book on Ebay once and I don't think any one wanted it!


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