Poll–Shopping Lists in Shorthand?

How many of you write your shopping lists in shorthand?
I’m asking because my fiance remarked this weekend that I must be the only person on Earth who does it.    I explained to him that I’m practicing…  Yes, it takes me much longer to make the list in shorthand at this point, but it will be quicker eventuall (I hope!).

(by tsecker for everyone)

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  1. I have, but not always.  Sometimes it's a word or two.  I never write diet coke in shorthand it's easier  to write DC.  I know what it means and those are my initials so I have it down pat.  I haven't lately and probably should start doing it.  I like to write down certain things in shorthand on my list that I may not want others to see…

  2. LOL.  I know exactly what you mean.  I like being able to make notes in shorthand knowing that they will be illegible to 95% of the people that I know.  In the past I've tried abbreviating those shopping list items that I didn't want to spell out only to find myself standing in a store aisle scratching my head trying to remember what those silly abbreviations meant.   I think with this shorthand thing I'm on to something good! 

  3. Me too, I write the shopping list in shorthand… well, almost everything I have to write…
    obviously, I write it in Spanish, especially vegetables: "papas, cebollas, porotos, manzanas, naranjas, etc."
    I take care of writing correctly cebolla and zapallo, because they look close similar, but they're different (onion and pumpkin).

    At work, I write every message in shorthand, and sometimes I am ashamed because I believe people could think: "he's pulling my leg" in front of strange lines and curves.


  4. I just cross mine off or just know that I got them.  but yes a check would confuse me.  When I write my phone messages in shorthand (voice messages) I put a square beside it and then I can X or check them off as I return the call.

  5. I write everything I can in shorthand – grocery lists, to do lists,
    journal, phone messages. The phone messages drives the court
    administrator crazy because she only gets what I transcribe for her!
    Had to think about the grocery list because my husband says if he can't
    read it, he doesn't have to go to the grocery store – ever! So now I
    write my list in shorthand and then type the list for him so he won't
    have an excuse if I'm too busy to go.

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