best way to learn gregg

hello, i wish to learn gregg but dont know where to go. i have looked at but i found it too … linear, i had no idea if i was doing it right, should i get a book, and if you could help me on msn that would be great, mine is [email protected] thanks

(by computer-tom-com for everyone)

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  1. Computertomtom, in respect to my other post about cursive handwriting, if you don't like the look of Gregg, you might want to try Pitman. Pitman is more like writing in print than Gregg(which is based on cursive handwriting)and I believe it might be better suited to print handwriters.

  2. That's probably true.

    Even though I'm proficient at cursive, my print is more legible than my cursive. I think that's why Pitman is easier for me to execute than Gregg. I have not been able to master too well the slant of Gregg (my cursive is vertical); writing at a slant is very awkward for me.

    But that's just one writer. I don't know how this is all going to manifest for ComputerTomtom.

    Computertomtom, if you do take Gregg, we will all be obliged to see how this works out for you. Will it improve your cursive? I think it will because, as JohnSapp says, you'll have to concentrate on your stroke execution. Please let us know.

  3. Maybe, maybe not George — I've seen people with good longhand penmanship and bad Gregg, and viceversa!  While the Gregg forms are drawn from the ellipse, it doesn't necessarily mean that a person with bad script handwriting will fail at Gregg.  I would say, why not try and see.  The important thing is that the person who is writing understands what he/she writes.  Perhaps if computer-tom writes Gregg, then his penmanship overall will improve, who knows?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.   I, for one, have good penmanship in both cursive and straight non cursive handwriting, and I cannot write a single stroke of Pitman because of the weird angles and the shading.

  4. I've seen some very ugly yet legible Gregg. The key is the consistency of the strokes, not the beauty. I don't think there is any need to practice cursive before learning Gregg–printers should do just fine, even if there is some difference in learning curve.

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