What does SCD mean?

In some books that I own, the letters SCD appear after Gregg’s name. What to the initials stand for? Vic/San Jose CA

(by vincere3 for everyone)

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  1. Hmm.  I'm not sure what to make of the S.C.D.  Gregg's formal education was essentially grammar school–nothing to correspond with U.S. secondary or college education.    Usually the degree Sc. D. is an honorary "Doctor of Sciences" degree, and I think that's what Gregg had, although I don't know what school conferred it.    Alex

  2. I believe you are right, Chuck.

    Sc.D. or ScD or S.D. is the abbreviation of the Latin Scientiae Doctor, which means "Doctor of Science". It is an academic doctoral degree on par with the wider known Ph.D.. The Sc.D. is awarded predominantly in engineering sciences, whereas "classical" sciences seem to prefer the Ph.D.

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