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I’m in lesson 11 of the DJS manual. Is it normal for me to read slow? (about 3-4 min. to read a paragraph). I’m really worried that there may be something wrong.(oh and I haven’t practiced writing yet. I still don’t have a good notebook.)

(by zekiel13 for everyone)

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  1. I'm assuming that you are saying that you are reading slow the new material, correct?  If so, I don't consider that out of the ordinary.  However, if it is taking you a long time to read material that you have already studied, perhaps you are going too fast over the new material.  Have you memorized the brief forms?  If not, do so!  Do you have the transcript with you?  If you do, keep it next to you when you read and read the problem words using the transcript.  Here's something else to do.  Go back to Lesson 6, which I believe is a "breather" lesson.  Read the whole lesson.  Do you stumble?  If so, go back to lesson 1.  If not, move to lesson 7 and read.  Keep going forward until you stumble.   I hope this helps.  Don't get discouraged.

  2. Hi  Zekiel13, I'm Ms. Letha from Rye, Co and would like to help you realize your shorthand reading speed at this time.    I assume you're using a 1971 DJS 2nd Edition manual.  There are 2 of them; one manual has a transcript in the back.   In Lesson 11 the very first review letter counts 53 words before it reaches the finish of the first paragraph symbol.  If you are taking a maximum of 4 mins to read 53 words, this means you're reading shorthand symbols at 13 wpm (words per minute).  You should feel quite proud of yourself and I'll explain why.   The very next lesson, Lesson 12 (Page 61) is a review chart with 128 words.  The book suggests you read the entire chart within 9 mins or less.  If you can, you are progressing right on schedule!  If you were to read the entire review chart taking the full 9 mins, you'd be reading shorthand at 14 wpm.    My goodness, you're doing just fine!  Keep up the good work.  What may seem slow reading to you at this point is actually your new level of progress since you began.  Usually every 6 chapters or so is a Recall (Review) of previous chapters.  Use these Recall Chapters to help you monitor your progress.   If you'd like to ask further DJS questions, email me at [email protected].  I'm not always on the message board because I have soooooo much website work to create, test or upload.  Hope this has helped a little.  There are shorthand teachers on the MSN board who are always happy to help.  I love it here and wish I could visit more often.  I sure plan to some day.  Take care.  Ms. Letha  🙂

  3. There is no written law that you have to have a steno book to write shorthand.  I would take any sheet of paper – notebook, lined stationery, etc. and start practicing the forms.  If you get a steno book later you can always adjust the size of your forms accordingly, but at least you will have gotten started writing.   Being able to read the forms without physically writing them is great but I think you will find you learn and retain more when you start writing them down.    That's my two cents.

  4. Any steno book will work.  I pick mine up at walmart 3 for $2.  They are the cheap ones.  We have even cheaper ones at work (but at least we have them).  And they work fine, they're Gregg Ruled so that's all I care about.  But I'd even prefer the cheap ones from walmart they were the ones we did have, but can't be too picky if I don't want to pay for it LOL.   And like Joanne said, any paper would work. I thought somewhere we had a post on size of outlines which can help you with that. Of course the first books were on blank paper (not sure if  your DJS is) and so you could try it on blank paper…

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