Does anyone have suggestions? I’ve battled RSI at work for years and am very concerned about my hand. I’ve been practicing quite a lot and lately I’m feeling the strain in my wrist. I’ve already figured out it’s best not to rest your elbow or forearm on anything and just let your arm float (same rule for typing). Anything else I should know?

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  1. Hello Marco – I just posted a new thread on the topic of RSI in case there were a few people out there who could throw some more light on this matter. I am still waiting for my shorthand book to arrive so I am not in your position exactly but I do have RSI and that's why I'm thinking shorthand could help…..

    I don't know if it's okay to talk about this sort of thing here in any detail because it is a site dedicated to shorthand so I will wait to see what the response is.

    I do know about your concern… RSI is no small thing, your whole physical life is extremely dependent on the use of your dominant arm.

  2. I started having discomfort in my hand and wrist, and changing several things proved the perfect cure:

    1. If you're right-handed, move the paper more toward your right side, and angle it counter-clockwise slightly so the lines run parallel with the natural outward movement of your hand.

    2. Write on an inclined surface, like a binder. Think Victorian writing desks. They were inclined for a reason!

    3. Hold the pen between your index finger and middle finger. I found this has helped the most, since all your fingers are working in parallel instead of pushing against each other. It doesn't take too long to regain your penmanship, either.

    4. Remember to write with your whole forearm, but not to crazy exaggerated ends of course! Just don't plant your wrist down and torture your fingers into outlines, or else you'll end up bending in weird ways.

    Hope those ideas help!

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