PIcs of you w/your steno manual(s)?

Happy New Year Everyone!

After dusting through a few bookshelves I came across a high school photo of myself with my Steno notebook and DJS manual. My goodness the memories.

Does anyone have pics of themselves during their steno class? Or was I such a Steno-vangelist that I practiced almost anywhere?

(by jes for everyone)

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  1. I'll add my entreaty to yours, George.   Marc, please?   I don't actually have a single photo of myself in high school — I have a few from nursing school, but I didn't actually use shorthand there — it just wasn't fashionable.

  2. This is now the THIRD try to get this photo posted!   Since you all asked so nicely, here it is, my 1978 photo (I was 22 at the time) showing me, my funky sweater, and my stenograph.  I was probably zipping along at 100 w.p.m. at the time this photo was made with my "computer compatible" theory–the one from the mimeographed text we used.  (Which, it turned out, wasn't so compatible and wasn't so conflict free!)   Disco, anyone?   Marc  

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  3. Hey Marc, you and I had some very curly hair during our steno days.

    I became very tired of mine and wore curly-braids, which drove my classmates, colleagues, bosses, and mother up a wall.

    Since I wrote with my head down it became a problem to see the notebook through my hair. I refused to cut it.

  4. Jes,

    I never let my perm get that long! And since it was wirey–so much for the soft curls I wanted–it poked straight out rather than fall naturally.

    It did freak out the people I worked with when my "real" hair started to show. (I took the initial interview only a week after getting the perm.) My current boss found this photo quite amusing. Of course, she commented first on the sweater. . . .

    Be sure to compare that photo with the recent one I posted on my profile.


  5. There are (thankfully) no pix of me with my steno manual. Your's is great, Marc, and I remembered fondly those days of bell bottoms, 'fro's, (real) hip huggers and (OMG) platforms — of which I had quite a few pairs.   Really, Gregg DJS was a secret vice of mine. I was the only student in the class, which was cancelled after the Christmas holiday. All my friends thought I was weird because I wanted to take it, so I just stopped telling people. Then I forgot I'd ever done it, because I didn't need it on any job I had until 1990.

  6. It's not a bad photo. I had the same machine. The horrible green machine. I was attending West Valley Community College's Court Reporting Program at the time. Were you using the Stenograph computer compatible shorthand system?

  7. The book was a mimeographed volume with a plastic compb-type binder, had the words COMPUTER COMPATIBLE on the cover. In reality, I don't think our theory made enough distinctions for a computer to transcribe the notes without considerable human input.

    The theory I learned was unique to the school I attended in NJ which, I understand, is no longer there.


  8. I don't have any, but I got one with an Afro like yours.  — vic


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    Geez, was my old photo horrible enough to kill the discussion? Where is everyone else's old photos? Hmm?


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