hello – i am very happy to have found this site, I was just cruising to see if I could learn shorthand from the Internet and found a Gregg book to print out and then this site, cool ! Look forwards to learning from you all !


(by sarahwarmly for everyone)

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  1. Welcome, Sarah. Lots of good advice in these posts — be sure to check back posts.   Also, so you know, if you go to "Home" and look on the right side, under the welcome sign, there is a search function that works quite well.   The owner of the website from which you can download the Anniversary book is Andrew Owen, who is also a member of the group.   sidhetaba

  2. Thank you for your replies.

    I did some reading on the web and got the sense that the shorthand version I would like to learn is Gregg Diamond Jubilee. So I went onto Ebay and ordered the Shorthand for Colleges book (Leslie, Zoubek and Hosler) in the DJ series. I waited quite a few weeks for it to arrive with great anticipation because I was looking forward to getting stuck in. So I was very disappointed when it got here and I saw it was Volume 2. I then did a search for Volume 1 and everyone seems to be selling Volume 2 at the moment. I suppose that makes sense, if I was a shorthand Pro I would probably want to keep my 'basics' Training book. So now I am stymied until someone sells Volume 1 Diamond Jubilee.

    so thats my update !

    I'll have a browse around the archives you mention…..

  3. Thank you so much !

    I just found Abebooks and it seems like no-one calls it Volume 1, they just call the 2nd one volume 2 so its a bit confusing ! I think the ISBN number for Volume 1 is: 0070374015
    but I am not too sure. Your book sounds great especially if it is free !! Of course I can send you the postage….I will send you my address. Thankyou again !

  4. There's five "volume one" -'s on at the moment.   I was just checking because recently they've had quite a few listings for   Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Series 90 (Diamond Jubilee Series)   I emailed them to day it can't be both DJ and S90, and they advised that they just put in the ISBN and that's what pops up.   Good luck

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