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Just an announcement and request.  If anyone would like to have their names posted from my website, as a Shorthand Translator, please send me your name and email link to post at [email protected]
The way it will work:  If anyone contacts you about a translation (Gregg or otherwise), you decide whether a translator fee will be charged.  Let them them know after you receive the shorthand and feel you can read most of it. 
If you need some help deciphering it, any person’s name listed under your shorthand version is obligated to give you support without obtaining any portion of your fee (if you decide to charge).  This is because we love shorthand right?  You bet!
I’ve only received about 6 emails in the past 8 months requesting help translating shorthand material.  Sometimes it was for investigations on old legal hearings of the past.  Mostly, grandparents diaries.  So interesting.  Anyway, it just makes sense to have our names out there for those who need us in this area.  We call on each other’s help when we need to, strengthen our shorthand contacts and keep shorthand alive.
Please let me hear from you.  You can have your name in all of the shorthand version categories if you feel comfortable that you could help in all versions.  I DID!  🙂 
I have included a place for Other Shorthand Versions also in case we have some folks who are within this category. 
Please do not be concerned whether you are “good enough.”  If you feel comfortable reading shorthand, you’ll do just fine.  I’m very excited; I know this will keep our shorthand websites more connected. 
Thanks for your considerations.  Bye now.  Ms. Letha 

(by shorthandspuddy for everyone)

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  1. I MUST correct myself in one paragraph above.    This statement I made, "Please do not be concerned whether you are "good enough."  If you feel comfortable reading shorthand, you'll do just fine." has been re-considered by myself.     From my experience in receiving these requests, most of the shorthand material is very difficult to decipher due to the faded symbols, transport used or poor condition of the documents.  In addition, much of the shorthand is written swiftly and sloppily.  Therefore, I believe it only wise to display the translators with experience behind them.  So, translators MUST be adanced level or higher to qualify for the Shorthand Translator Service Listing.    And since I don't wish to eliminate the "Intermediate" folks who KNOW they read shorthand well and would be great supporters to the advanced group, I WILL definitely post your names and indicate beside the name "Intermediate Level."    It is not my intention to offend anyone with my change of mind for this special project.  Translating shorthand documents is usually a very tedious and time-consuming task; definitely needs attention from the "best of the best.!"   I hope this better clarifies my request.  Again, thank you.  Ms. Letha

  2. Ha ha, yeah right. By "our" skill, I mean the group collectively. I'm a firm believer in leaving work to the experts. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'll have to get back to you when I can read more than one page an hour! There, I said it—now you all know… 🙂

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