Spanish Gregg

I found some info about Spanish Gregg (, but I’m missing a complete description about the Spanish adoption of the system. Does anyone know where I can find more information about Spanish Gregg?


(by tommie짰 for everyone)

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  1. You might try looking at a used book site, such as or There seem to be four editions available:

    Taquigraf챠a Gregg (1923)
    Taquigraf챠a Gregg Simplificada (1953)
    Taquigraf챠a Fon챕tica Gregg (1904)
    Taquigraf챠a Gregg por John Robert Gregg (date unknown)

    Another possibility is your local public library. The San Pablo (Calif.) library I know has a copy of Gregg in Spanish.

  2. The system has exactly the same series as in English: Anniversary, Simplified, Diamond Jubilee, Series 90, and Centennial, the current edition. McGraw-Hill still prints the "Centenaria" series.  If you want specific book information, let us know.

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