Pitmans 2000

I can’t seem to find someone who knows the answer to this so I’ll try here.

Pitman 2000 had a blue book, REPORTING STYLE, which was said to get students from 120 to reporting speed (about 200 wpm). The book only had one printing. Was it successful at accomplishing the goal or did it fail?

Does anyone have any information?



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  1. Marc:

    That's a good question, but from my extensive study in the history of Pitman (!!!), I am guessing that the Reporting Style–rather than being inefficient–became redundant by the time it was printed.

    Pen court reporters, by that time, had already extinct, having fallen victim to machine shorthand.

    I do know that in poorer countries in the Commonwealth, in particular, India, pen court reporting is still the norm, but Pitman New Era is taught to these students.

    I would love to hear from any other forum-mates who have further information on this issue.

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