Mystery outline in Simplified Manual

I’m finally done with all the theory chapters (that took what, three/four years?) and have come across a mystery outline that I simply cannot decipher in lesson 54! It looks really bizarre. It’s in row 8 of the recall chart, second one in after “bank”. That “ia” at the end just totally mystifies me, and “noominia” sadly is not a word.

Thanks for any help 🙂

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)

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  1. You've got to love the "mystery" words in the Gregg manuals.  They sure can cause you to pull your hair out!   This one is in the Simplified second edition . . .   Don't know why you've got a problem with "noominia".  Is there something wrong with that word?   Actually, you're not far off.  Your spelling just needs some adjustment . . . to "pneumonia".    Alex

  2. "You've got to love the "mystery" words in the Gregg manuals." LOL They do that in the Anniversary.  In the reading and writing they'll have an outline and you have no idea… you end up skipping it and going to the next lesson and it has the "rule" of this.  I wasn't stumped too much because I had learned DJS and sometimes I would glance ahead at the Anniversary lessons (not the best idea, trust me). Debbi

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