Alphabetic adaptation?

It may seem kind of pointless, but since I’m a nerd for shorthand in general, I was wondering if anyone else had the idea to try to make an alphabetic adaptation of Gregg… I’m thinking keeping as much of the theory as possible, but replacing the symbols with cursive letters or variations of them. Writing Gregg on a bus with no shocks is a challenge, so maybe this would provide a robust solution?

An example: “interested” might look like:

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)

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  1. Have you studied any alphabetic shorthand systems?  That may help do this as they also include special symbols, for example in the Speedwriting I learned, the 'st' was written together to add to speed, so it would be a capital S done in cursive, of course.  Yes weird at the end of a word, but still, can be done (really).   Check out the Alphabetic shorthand systems? link for ideas and clues to see what did not work and maybe there's something in there that did work.

  2. Hey that's my thread 🙂 Msn stopped letting me use my old account so here I am.

    I've been looking at Forkner for a while now, so I'm familiar with that ST thing (and a little surprised at how much all those alphabetic systems borrow from each other).

    I really like how concise the theory in Simplified makes everything (Forkner is pretty clumbsy about word beginnings that Gregg does well in my opinion), so that's another reason I started thinking of a way to combine the two somehow… and then I could use all those brief forms I finally finished learning instead of having to learn a new set!

    A big question remains how to do specific blends unique to the symbols in Gregg, like the O on its side or th/nt/md…

  3. Niftyboy1:   For my MSWord AutoCorrect shorthand, I use these symbols:   z = th (if you're handwriting it, could reverse it for under th?) as there's no z in Gregg x = sh as there's no x in Gregg q = ch as there's no q in Gregg 7 = nt md blend   I haven't come up with an under th for the computer, but I'm thinking. Still trying to figure out what would work for tm-dm, df-dv blends.

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