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Well, since I can’t find any DJS manual, I now want to learn anniversary as you can find it for free. I’m wondering if anniversary is really that hard to learn. I don’t want to torture myself!
If someone here is also learning anniversary then please help me out.

(by zekiel1999 for everyone)

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  1. If you're a casual learner, I'd really recommend taking advantage of the offer a forum member on here gave to send you a DJS functional method manual, or having a look in your local library or even used book stores.

    Anniversary edition is the grandfather of the system and is bursting with brief forms and principles to learn, which makes learning the theory much longer and harder. The speed rewards are greater, however; it's the system that was used for court-reporting.

    For the young and casual learner, my advice is to stick with DJS, Series 90, or Simplified.

  2. If it has to be the internet texts (on angelfishy), do 1916; it's simpler (and shorter) than Anniversary.

    And there are enough dedicatees here to help out.

    By the way, the hardest part of these systems is the basic spelling and outline formation. And that part doesn't get easy in *any* edition. All Gregg is kind of self-torture.

  3. Well actually the Anniversary edition book on site is pretty short with short lessons.  It's the Function method that is longer (2 books and long reading and writing).  So it can be learned.  But yes the 1916 is even shorter and somewhat easier.  I think, though I'm not certain, there are more Anniversary users then 1916 users (was there a poll or question somewhere on here?), so you could find answers eaiser.  And most may have been asked (by me).  So start with whichever version you feel you want to learn, maybe glance at both, and then dive right in.  Debbi

  4. I'm so glad you've decided to learn Anniversary. Your parents restriction may turn out to be for your best, in my opinion.   I'm learning Anniversary and I love it. I have just been waiting for an opportunity to extol and expound the virtues and preferableness of Anniversary.   Despite the words of the gainsayers, I think it's most preferable. The computer lab where I am closes shortly, so I will try to come back to this discussion tomorrow.   But just this one thought–I have seen an old picture of John Gregg's first American shorthand class and it's a group of boys who look to be about age 12-16.   Okay, two thoughts–All versions after Anniversary are revisions done by the McGraw-Hill textbook company after the death of Mr. Gregg. I think that is significant.   Priscilla

  5. I am delighted by the support everyone is giving newbies. I have just started the Anniversary lessons on angelfire, and would like to know if I am starting out right. I am learning Greggs because I am a psychic, who communicates with Mother Mary, and she has suggested Greggs because that is the only way that I can take dictation from her at great speed.

    So, in this way, I am only too happy to take the discipline to learn the superior Anniversary. Am I correct in this understanding? Moreover, once I have finished with angelfire, what Anniversary book do I need to purchase, and what Dictionary?

    Much love and support to newbies and pros on the scene – keep up the good work…

  6. Anniversary sounds great for you because it is arguably the fastest version of Gregg Shorthand (not to mention the text is free on  The drawback is that the greater speed comes at the price of a steep learning curve–it is for the dedicated, which you seem to be.  Don't expect great things for at least a year of daily practice.  It really is like learning a new language.   Speaking of which, I think Mary has made a good choice in recommending Gregg because, since the symbols represent sounds instead of letters, it can be used to record any language she may like to speak in–even if you don't understand it yourself!   The text you are using should hold you over for a while.  I would recommend buying a Gregg Shorthand dictionary from the 1930's, to that you can quickly look up the correct way to write a word you are unsure about. and both work well for finding used books.   God speed!

  7. As a quick aside, I might mention there seems to be at present a dearth of DJS Manuals on internet stores.Interestingly, there is a surfeit of Annivrsary and Simplified Manuals with the other supplementary texts for those versions. I tend to agree with those who claim Anniversary to be the Gregg of preference. Interestingly, if you can read Anniversary, you should have little or no problem reading pre-Anniversary … there are minor changes in some outlines but it is the same system. And an interesting point … did Dr. Gregg approve the change to Simplified or was Simplified created through the desire of McGraw-Hill to sell new books? I like Anniversary very much and am sure anyne who lstudies it will also share my enthusiasm.

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