Anniversary Writer Tempted to Learn 1916 Version

I was tickled to discover the existence of this group. I took two years of Shorthand (Simplified) back in 1958 and 1959. At the library I discovered Anniversary material and independently began to write Anniversary using the Manual and Speed Studies (Third Edition) in tandem. I used shorthand as an Executive Assistant for several years taking notes of meetings but since 1973 had not used shorthand except to take personal notes. In the process of moving, I ran across old steno pades and, to my surprise, could easily read my notes. I dug out the old texts and could not find my copy of Speed Studies so ordered it on line. What showed up but the First Edition (pre-Anniversary). Surprisingly I could easily read it so downloaded the 1916 manual and plan on (for fun) going through them methodically. The 1916 edition is not nearly as complicated as I had believed it to be!

(by jrganniversary for everyone)

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  1. You're right, both series are very similar.  I borrowed elements from Pre-Anniv in my writing, such as: (1) phrasing (probably the most important thing I did for speed!) (2) the -ing principle (omission of -ing and placement of next word close to it) (3) omission of "of the" and of  "to" when not necessary for legibility of a phrase (4) the tr- principle with abstr-, obstr-, astr-, patr-, austr-, ostr-, petr-, nitr-, nutr-, hydr-, letr-, latr-, metr-, matr-, altr-, ultr- (I love the tr- principle, ) (5) the suffixes -itis, -vity (sometimes)   Have you considered studying from one of the expert reporting books?  Those are really neat and you will learn many more abbreviations!

  2. The past week has been most interesting. I must have really mastered the ''anniversary version because all the brief forms and word endings were not difficult to remember. Had I not accidentally seen the 1919 Speed Studies, I never would have seriously examined the 1916 Manuyal which does not seem difficult at all. I rather like the abbreviating principle applied to phrasing, the -ing modification … it's very cool! Anyone interested in Pre-Anniversary or Anniversary should have no problem acquiring texts from Amazon or eBay. To learn Anniversary, I'd highly recommend the 1936 2-volume Functional Method by Leslie … or the 1929 Manual worked conjointly with the Anniversary (or Second or Third Edition) Speed Studies. Once learned, you'll find the abbreviating principles really nifty!

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