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Hello! I was curious to know if there were any literary or non-pedagogic materials written in Simplified. A big attraction to older editions for me has been the actual literary material I could read beyond dry business letters, but I’d be delighted to find out if there is even a scrap of non-textbook Simplified out there! My eyes are about to fall out from reading about customers and stores.

Especially with the continual emphasis put on reading well-written shorthand, it seems odd that only one type of material would be available in Simplified.

Thanks for any ideas!

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)

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  1. Hardly anything like that is available.  All the "literary" material that appeared in Anniversary and pre-anniversary sprang from a different philosophy–that shorthand was an intellectual study, something useful in everyday life, and something valuable for cultured people.  (I have a copy of the book "Short Classics in Shorthand", published in 1927, that includes 5 works like "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", and it's even bound in leather with gold page edges.)   By the time Simplified appeared, the philosophy was that shorthand was a tool for business, period.    The magazine "Today's Secretary" (successor to the Gregg Writer) published stories in Simplified, but the magazine is extremely hard to find today, and I'm not aware that any of these stories were ever published in a book collection.    The only thing I know of that comes close is a little pamphlet entitled "The Gregg Scrap Book:  Being Mostly Anecdotes", compiled by Florence Elaine Ulrich.  It's a series of mostly one-paragraph stories and jokes, but it is written in Simplified.  The shorthand was written by Astrid Ramsey.  It was published by Today's Secretary in New York.   I do agree with you, that the endless business letters in the Simplified manuals and afterwards can be absolutely mind-numbing.   Alex

  2. That's such a shame. I'm willing to wager that the majority of us here use shorthand for personal enjoyment and everyday convenience rather than business dictation or the like.

    The reason it took me three plus years to get through the Simplified manual was precisely because of the dullness of the material to read and copy, aside from random amusing sexism or monetary changes in the times (a check for $2 and "a girl doesn't have to be a beauty to get ahead in business").

    I notice in older editions, though some sentences are absolutely ludicrous ("a full description of the inscription was given in the introduction to the publication"), it's at least varied!

    Thanks for your input, Alex. I guess I'll have to stick to Anniversary materials to find what I'm looking for.

  3. Ressurect the Gregg Writer link may be something you might be interested in… no it's not "resurrected" yet, but some peole were interested, maybe a renewed interested with simplified and other version material, may help…

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