If it’s possible

I’d really appreciate it if someone manages to translate the fables in the angelfishy site into DJS form. Reading lousy and uninteresting business letters as the only “good reading material” is making me want to pull out my hair.
I would love to read something fresh and new!
Or how about a reading nook in the site where users can submit stories or something?

(by zekiel1999 for everyone)

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  1. Hi zEkiel. I know all too well the dull and drab world of business letters (that's all Simplified has too). I don't write DJS unfortunately, but I can translate them into plain English if DJS writers who can read Anni don't sprout up here 🙂

    And I think starting a "Give us something interesting to read!" thread would be a great idea. Just gotta be confident enough in your shorthand to put it up for the whole world to see 😉

  2. Chuck: you should start an "Interesting Reading Materials" thread or something similar so all the people wanting to escape from drab business letters can enjoy these translations too. This next week I'll contribute some Simplified stuff also 🙂

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