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I found out by accident that the Rider University library is digitizing some specimens from the Louis Leslie collection of shorthand materials.  As a sneak peak, here is the first page of one of them: Gregghand.
To access the collection, click here:
Maybe we could ask them to digitize some of their books!

(by Carlos for everyone)


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  1. Totally fascinating.  How in the world did you find this out "by accident"?  What a great way to finally be able to see some real rarities in the shorthand world.   "Greghand" is quite interesting.  Dr. Gregg dreamed that his shorthand would become the new way of writing for everyone, not just a business tool.  He had an idealistic side, in addition to his savvy business and marketing skills.    Reading through the first couple of chapters, it's obviously Gregg Shorthand with the elimination of a number of principles that are designed to optimize speed–high speed isn't necessary for personal daily writing tasks.    The same philosophy appeared later in several different forms.  The "Gregg Shorthand Junior Manual", while not as simplified as Greghand, was not designed to teach a commercial skill.  "Teach Yourself Shorthand" (Gregg edition) was marketed to the general public.  And then most recently the simplification approach was used in Gregg Notehand (1960 and 1968), designed to teach the system for personal writing and note-taking.  Without any detailed analysis, it seems to me that Greghand and Notehand are essentially the same thing.    Thanks for sharing this link with us.  I wonder what the motivation is at the university to digitize these materials?   Alex

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