Gregg Shorthand Simplified Home-study Course

I just saw on AbeBooks a manual of the above title. I immediately ordered it, but someone got there first.

I haven’t seen any discussion of this one before: Does anyone know how it differs from the regular Simplified manual and the Simplified Functional Method?

(by harpweaver for everyone)

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  1. I wonder if this would have been either one of the boxed "Individual Progress Method" kits, or possibly the "Shorthand Textbook:  A Self-Teaching Course" that was published by the US Armed Forces Institute during World War II.    I have the 1948 Gregg price list of all their publications, and they do list "Gregg Shorthand Home-Study Course", but it doesn't seem like it was a book.  Lessons 1,2, and 3 cost $0.12 each, lessons 4-14 cost $0.20 each, the complete set of lessons was available for $2.56, and there were tests and final examination at $0.08.   There's also an advanced home-study course listed, with 12 lessons available for $0.28 each, or the complete set for $3.36.    So I wonder what the abe seller was actually listing . . . one lesson?  a whole set of lessons?  It would sure be interesting to know.   Alex

  2. Perhaps the lessons were sold boxed if you bought the complete set.

    Amazon indexes a Home-study course and an advanced home-study course, as well as the simplified home-study course, which appears to have been sold all as one.

    The seller was a public library support group. The description was 1953, Hardcover. Has considerable wear and underlining. Exact title was "Gregg shorthand simplified home-study course".

    Anyway, it was intriguing enough that I entered a notification request in ebay and abebooks should it come up again.

    Chuck Nix

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