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Hello All,
I hope it is clear that I joined this group because of my family history (Astrid Ramsey, platewriter), and not for the purpose of selling books.  However, it just happens that this morning I walked past my Business section and spied the following 3 books lying on the edge of the shelf, virtually shouting at me!  So in case anyone’s interested, details below.  Shipping is $5 per order.  All are in Very Good condition.  We accept credit cards, checks, or PayPal.
TAQUIGRAFIA GREGG, 1949.  Has owner’s name and a few pencil notes.  Others on the Internet run from $45 to $63; my price is $25.
Rupert P. SoRelle and Charles W. Kitt, WORDS: Spelling, Pronunciation, definition, and Application.  2nd revised edition (1929).  Gregg Publishing Company.  Includes about 50 pages of technical vocabulary in about 50 industries.(Not in shorthand)  $12.50
Emma B. Dearborn, SPEEDWRITING, The Natural Shorthand, with Study Guide, [1937/1938]  Apparently the first volume of the series.  [Obviously not Gregg, perhaps a philistinic concept, but perhaps of interest.  At least it’s cursive!  I have talked to students recently who reported they were not even taught longhand in school, but were taught to print like a computer or a book; they found it difficult to read cursive writing.  What is the world coming to????]  $20.
Best Regards,
Don Ramsey, All Books Considered    [email protected]   (301) 929-0036
10408 Montgomery Ave., Kensington MD 20895

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  1. I think it's quite all right to share this kind of information . . . several people have been looking for the "Taquigrafia" so you might make a sale.    I personally think the Speedwriting book is overpriced; it shows up regularly on E-Bay, so doesn't have the "rarity" factor going for it, even in this early edition by Dearborn.   Alex

  2. Wow, had no idea Taquigrafia Gregg was that expensive. Last month I acquired 2 copies of the book in pristine condition (except gracefully showing their age, one from the 1920's, the other from the 1945 reprint) for under $15 apiece.

    If anyone has the accompanying books – the dictionary or the progressive speed exercises, I'd be interested in acquiring them.

  3. Where did you find Taquigrafia Gregg for $15?   I was surprised at the Expert reporting books books being sold so high.  I found mine at a second hand store for about $1.  That's why I go to those stores is for the books. Maybe if I see another one I'll grab it and offer it here to the members here.

  4. The first one (1925, I believe) was through an eBay reseller: $13.88 including postage. I got the second through by accident because it was listed as Taquigrafia Gregg Simplificada and come to find out on arrival it was a 1945 reprintt of the 1925 book. Now I can have one at home and one at the office! I'm going to check 2nd-hand dealers in my area as I really want that Gregg Shorthand Reporting Course by Blanchard.

    I'd never examined pre-Anniversary texts before, but having just been working with Intensive Drills in Shorthand Building Vocabulary and for light reading doing Hunter's Graded Readings in Gregg Shorthand, I'm even more impressed with Dr. Gregg's ingenuity in devising such an inventive way to write the spoken language that, really, remained unchanged except for small details for over half a century.

    A shame that the Gregg system is no longer taught in public schools. At the very least, it is a good discipline!

  5. The continuity of Gregg shorthand really is amazing.  It surprises me, looking at the facsimiles of the first editions, how many forms are essentially unchanged through all the versions.  The changes all relate primarily to details, not to the essence of the system itself.   As for second-hand book shops, my impression (at least in my area, and in Vermont where I've spent some time the last few years) is that 10+ years ago it wasn't unusual to find a selection of shorthand books, but today it's becoming rarer and rarer to find anything other than perhaps an Anniversary dictionary or one of the DJS texts.  I hardly ever see any of the literature booklets, or any of the scarcer books that Gregg published.  It's a shame.    Bargains do occasionally pop up, though, and it's wise to grab them when they do without pondering it for too long, because someone else will get it before you do!   Alex

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