cheap Alice in Wonderland on eBay

Alice in Wonderland is on eBay starting at $9.99.  There are four more days left on bidding but you might want to check it out.  I haven’t read the description so there may be something missing/wrong OR the seller doesn’t know how many people are looking for something like that.
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  1. I tried bidding a bit, but some person has probably already bid something like $100 (if I'm low, it only shows them as 50 cents higher than me), so every bid I've made so far has been too small. I like Gregg shorthand and Alice in Wonderland, but I'd sooner write my own version than pay that much for it.

  2. It was definitely way underpriced for the starting price–the seller obviously had no idea of the interest the "Alice in Wonderland" would generate.  Remember that a book like this appeals to shorthand people like us, but also appeals to people who collect Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland editions.  That makes the competition much worse, and pushes the price way up.    Alex

  3. That was me that bid in the low $20s. I kept going higher, but the first bidder is much higher than mine. Apparently on eBay, you can't see how high a higher bidder has bid, only fifty cents higher than yours until you beat them. I wasn't keen to keep pushing 😛

  4. The Gregg "Alice in Wonderland" on E-bay ended at $91.00.  Pricey, but not totally out of sight for a rare book like this one.  The winner was someone who wasn't even involved in the bidding process but snatched it at the end–I always kind of hate it when that happens, but that's the nature of an auction.   Alex

  5. I must confess that I am the ebay bidder who succeeded in winning this copy of "Alice in Wonderland." I am a new member of this group. I am not a Lewis Carroll collector, but rather a newly devoted student of Gregg Shorthand.

    I never involve myself in the auction bidding process until the last minute of an auction — so as not to initiate a bidding war, driving the price up to my own disadvantage.

  6. Congratulations. I'm the guy you stabbed in the back. LOL. Until 1 minute before the end I was top dog, then you had the Queen of Hearts sit on my while the mock turtle pulled the volume from my hands. I hope you enjoy the books, to judge by the photo they looked to be in excellent condition.

    I'll just lick my heart wounds heartily and hope Alice will again be available at a reasonable price. (I only went for $90 because two other books were involved.)

    Hope you're the adventuresome type that enjoyed Anniversary and pre-Anniversary. Looking at shorthand again after not really thinking about it for several decades, I'm tickled at how logical the entire Gregg system is built. Reading well-written shorthand a few minutes a day is a good way to dust the surface cobwebs away. Have fun!

  7. Well that is a relief! I can sleep in peace knowing that it is in good hands.  Still, you wouldn't have paid so much if it wasn't for those wierdos obsessed with childrens books.   JUST KIDDING!   (…but you really wouldn't have.)   P.S. – if you need help with the anniversary outlines, there is an Anniversary shorthand to longhand dictionary in the Documents section.

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