1916 -rd Ending After f

Does anyone know the recommended form for words such as these under 1916 rules?:


My guess is “…f [disjoined t]” in each case, because of the -f ending rule, and the disjoined t rule for past-tense of abbreviated words, but I can’t find any rules or any instances of the combination with “-rd”.

“Confered” may be an exception because the root is normally spelled out to differentiate it from the wordsign “confiden(t/ce)”; but then I guess “kf [disjoined t]” wouldn’t be confused.

Also, I can’t seem to find “offer” in the 1916 dictionary or manual at all. Is it in fact “o-f”?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Disjoined t is used for all of those past tenses.    "Offer" is written o – f, as a direct application of the abbreviating principle.  It's in the Pre-Anniversary version of the "Most-Used Shorthand Forms", page 17.

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