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Hullo everyone! 

Oh, how thrilled I was to stumble upon this site!  (Via the gregg.angelfishy site, thanks!)
I was starting to feel very alone in my studies, but now I know that at least 800 people here share the same interest, so hurray!
It was in January that I happened to see an epi of CSI:Miami, where the murder victim was a reporter, and he had notes on him written in shorthand, and the CSIs were trying to decipher them as a lead in solving the case.  The expert had them blown up on a screen, and was saying something like “I can’t
quite figure it out, it’s not Pitman or Gregg…”
And I suddenly remembered I’d bought some kind of shorthand textbook in my college days, and I rummaged in my bookcase and there it was, “Gregg Shorthand Manual Simlified Second Edition” with “shorthand written by Charles Rader” (oh so beautiful!), and I started browsing through it, and I was instantly hooked.
I don’t know what it was about it, the beauty of the logic?  Encountering a new “rule”, I’d be sceptic at first, but once I got used to it, it all made such perfect sense.
I have since learned here that there are several different versions of Gregg, but I think I’ll stick with Simplified for now.
I started writing my diary in Gregg a few months ago, and I am at the stage where the jumble of strokes are starting to LOOK like words, and though I still need to consult my dictionary quite often, I don’t think I’ll ever handwrite something entirely in longhand again, at least for myself.
My longhand is sadly illegible, especially when I’m in a hurry, which is why I usually type everything, but now I actually enjoy writing with a fountain pen.
Such a beginner am I, but I hope I might be a contributive member some day.
This site has been such a help to me, so thank you all, and happy Gregg Shorthand Day!
(Which it is today, in US time, right?)
P.S.  I was wondering if that scene from Miami wasn’t a goof, because the expert started deciphering and reading the shorthand notes, and half way through, she goes like “Oh, now I see, he’s a lefty, so he’s writing from right to left.”  Now how on earth was she able to read it if she hadn’t realized that from the start?? …though maybe I missed something.  A shame I didn’t tape the show, it would have been interesting to see if I could read it, I seem to remember it was curvy and loopy so it might have been Gregg…

(by martha707 for everyone)

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  1. Hi Martha 🙂 Welcome to the group. I'm a Simplified writer too (learning to read Anniversary), and have been using it for four or five years now. I'd be glad to exchange letters with you if you'd like! My information is in the pen-pals section (probably under the name Erik… I'm in Portland Oregon).

    I hope you find shorthand as useful as I have! Just do a little every day, and you'll make fast progress.

  2. Hi Niftyboy, five years' experience, wow!  I'm positive my shorthand is not yet good enough for you to read, but I'm going to follow your advice so that it might be so some time soon; a little everyday, goes for everything doesn't it!  I have to confess, ever since I got my dictionary, I got slack with studying my textbook properly; I trailed off somewhere round Lesson 33.  I'm going to aim anew for at least one lesson per week; that should get me through the whole book by the end of this year if I am diligent.
    Going to try your muffin recipe — to read it AND make it.  Thanks!   Hi Chuck, thanks for the welcome.  I have discovered that many of my beginner-esque questions have already been asked and answered in existing threads, a big help and a great comfort (and I haven't even been through them all yet).  I hope to become proficient enough to come up with a question both original and interesting.  In the meanwhile, simply being in this environment is motivating, thanks again!   Martha

  3. Interesting about CSI.  Maybe they picked up the right-to-left Gregg idea from the Werelight sight that used to be up with a Gregg manual scanned in reverse—as if any lefties actually use that method.  Even if they did, it should have been obvious what they were seeing was Gregg.

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