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The New York Times crossword puzzle recently (No. 0617, which I presume to be June 17), contained the following clue:  “Position that’s an anagram, appropriately, of ‘notes’. ” 
Why didn’t I get it instantly?
Don Ramsey

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  1. Hmm…but I can't see how 'steno' is a position.  'Stenographer' might be, in the sense of a job position.  How about 'set on' being a position as in location relative to another object?   Notes are SET [down] ON steno pads? 

  2. Oh, Mr Sapp, I despair.   Actually, in the old days, a "steno" was a person who took shorthand and typed the result.   The advertisement might read: "Position available for an experienced Steno".   I'm embarrassed that I didn't get it, being as old as I am and remembering those adverts.   sidhe

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