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Hi everyone! I’m new here, and i’m currently learning the Simplified Gregg Shorthand myself from the McGraw-Hill book. I just entered lesson 7 of the book, and i’ve found a few outlines that i couldn’t read. Could you tell me some advices or suggestions about learning shorthand?? Thanks a lot! 

(by boy_inwonder1 for everyone)

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  1. Hi everybody!! I have these outlines from Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified that i can't read, could someone please help me:   1. page 115, number 239, line 4, the second outline from right (just after the <;> mark) ("… coming ; n-d-??? purpose …")   2. page 130, number 276, line 6, the second from left, is it read "and i" ?   3. page 141, number 291, line 10, the third from left (just after the period mark) ("5 or 6 persons available. ??? that seldom…")   I'm not an English speaking person so sometimes I have difficulties on reading shorthand. Thanks a lot!!

  2. Yay a Simplified writer 🙂 That brings back memories! 😉

    What's your native language, Boy_inWonder? I once tried my hand at Duploy챕 shorthand, and it was that very kind of combinations that tripped me up too!

  3. OMG, i'm so confused!! First I sign up as Boy_inWonder1 (and I don't know how that name suddenly applied as my nick). Then when I visited this group for the second time, I couldn't sign up as Boy_in Wonder1 so I signed up again as new member (smileyice225) with my other email. Then I came again for the third time and I was logged in as Boy_inWonder1!!! Just for the record, Boy_inWonder1 and smileyice225 is the same person, and I'm female, from Indonesia. I bought the book in Singapore. Thanks for the answers, JRGAnniversary. Hi, NiftyBoy1! How are you! Where are you from?

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