The Raleigh Rainbows

Does anyone know anything of a book entitled “The Raleigh Rainbows”, (Story in Shorthand) by S. Gertrude Harvey and E.D. Girrioer? I can’t find anything on the net regarding this book in a non-shorthand printing. It makes me wonder if the only printing was in shorthand, even though that seems unlikely.

(by rdd331 for everyone)

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  1. There was a copy on E-Bay a few months ago; it went for a pretty high price.  Maybe someone in this group bought it and could comment?  My understanding is that it was originally writtenin Gregg shorthand.    Alex

  2. I purchased a copy off of ebay for $5.00, including shipping and handling, but I haven't received it yet. By looking at the picture, it doesn't appear to be in great condition. I will post more info once I receive the book.

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