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  1. Shorthand heaven found.   Now, if I haven’t missed anything, I get to be the bearer of great news: I’ve found SHORTHAND HEAVEN!!!   Complete copies of manuals on a zillion shorthand systems including:
    Cross Eclectic
    Pocknell’s Legible
    Pringle’s ideal (see this one, it’s a Gregg rip off)
    New American Short-hand
    Tinus Sorthand
    And many many many more!   If interested, go here:   Your friendly Mikhail (Wordsigner)

  2. Practical pointers for shorthand students  has some of the answers to questions posted here,  some of the info that we've posted here and some other questions that haven't been asked.    Things like Which System of Shorthand Notebook and Paper The Correct Position in Writing Pen or Pencil ? Size of Notes Importance of Reading Shorthand Master Each Lesson Practice! Practice! Practice! [ I think this was an exact discussion title here…] How to Write Names and Addresses Getting up Speed   okay there is a part on typewriters, but stil…   I lik this one:   A Few Don'ts in Business : Don't look at the clock ;
    don't be gruff or rude ; don't neglect your machine ; don't
    write with a blunt pencil ; don't neglect your shorthand ;
    don't be late   Anyway, I'm just having fun going through these…   Thanks again for the link! Debbi

  3.   I've posted a dozen of these books to the Documents section.   Graded Readings in Gregg Shorthand Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand Gregg Speed Practice The Gregg Reporter Shorthand Championship Tests Practical Pointers for Shorthand Students The Educational and Practical Value of the Study of Shorthand Obstacles to the Attainment of Speed in Shorthand The Factors of Shorthand Speed (How to Become a Stenographic Expert) Alice in Wonderland! Letters from a Self-made Merchant to his Son Court Practice

  4. I clicked on a couple of the documents you listed — they appear to be just the scan information and not the books themselves.  They are MS Word docs.  I downloaded a couple of the books you did and they are in PDF format.    The website is a treasure trove.  After viewing some of the various other systems out there, I'm quite glad I was able to take Gregg.  🙂

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