Hawthorne–Great Stone Face

I found a copy of this book for $4 and couldn’t resist. If it is not scanned and posted in the documents section, I’ll be glad to have a go at posting it there.

There are some words pencilled in–I’ll have to do some careful erasing first, so it may take me some time to get it up.

Someone would need to let me know the rough procedure, and what file format to use, (if jpg, a suggested resolution would help also) Will also need a suggested location from the moderator.


C Nix

(by harpweaver for everyone)

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  1. C: Is this book written in Gregg?  If so, you may post anywhere in the Documents section you like.  May I suggest under the Reading Material folder?  Most members scan to black and white PDF files in order to keep file size down.  Good luck!

  2. Sorry–Yes it is in Gregg. It is from Gregg Publishing, though with no date. It was apparently published as a part of a series of paper booklets from American Literature. I seem to remember Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and four or five other very recognizable titles listed at the back of the Anniversary manual from Andrew Owen's website.

    Though there is no date, there is a reference in the legend below one of the plates to an event in 1929, so it must be after that date. I will assume it is Anniversary, and post accordingly.

    If someone finds it to be 1916 instead, I will gladly move it.

    As I said it may take several days–my scanner and internet access are at the office, and we're swamped just now.

    C Nix

  3. The Great Stone Face, by Nathaniel Hawthorne is now posted in DocumentsReading MaterialAnniversary.

    This copy had many pencil marks which I carefully erased. If an outline doesn't make sense, it may be that I missed a mark, so please let me know the page and line and I'll check the original and repost if needed.

    C Nix

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