Longhand Down, Shorthand Up?

With the decline of teaching cursive longhand in schools, is it too much to wonder whether cursive shorthand might replace it?
My brainstorm for today.
Don Ramsey

(by allbooksconsidered for everyone)

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  1. I love Graded Readings.  If I'm feeling lazy, I can start in Chapter One, or if I'm up for a challenge, flip to later in the book.  If only it were published in Simplified! (is it?)  As a matter of fact, I so enjoyed reading about the lost billy goat that I had the idea of writing Dick and Jane books in Gregg.  How cool would that be?

  2. JohnSapp: Are you able to read the Graded Readings despite their being Pre-Anni? I'd be delighted to translate them to Simplified for you, if you'd like! I'll need something to do on my 8-hour plane flight 🙂

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