Diamond Necklace – deMaupassant

I have uploaded scans of the Gregg version of the Diamond Necklace by deMaupassant.

They are in the Pre-Anniversary folder. I am pretty sure this printing is much older than 1929, and I noted the brief form k-l-r at the end of the sixth line of the first page, which, I think, is removed from Anniversary.

Anyway, if some of you who are more conversant with these two systems look at it and find it mis-classified, I’ll gladly re-upload into the correct place.

C Nix

(by harpweaver for everyone)

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  1. Thanks *very* much; I'll be reading it as soon as I've finished with Harry (just 232 pages left)!

    The word-signs tell it's Pre-Anni, by the way. I think just about everything written by Georgie Gregg (some of which is presently in the Anni folder), is Pre-Anni, actually. What a beautiful hand, isn't it?

  2. You're welcome!

    Which "Harry" are you referring to? Sorry if that's a stupid question!

    If you, or someone else wouldn't mind checking, I posted the Great Stone Face in Anniversary a few days ago. I think that classification is right–but I'd love an independent confirmation.

    Those plates were by Winifred Kenna Richmond, and have a really nice flowing look.

    Anyway, I've been having real fun searching these out–I think I paid $4 for Great Stone Face, and $5 for the Diamond Necklace.

    UPS just came in the door with The Sign of the Four, plates by Alice Rinne Hagar. ($20, which I think was a real deal, especially since anything with A. Conan Doyle's name on it is collectible. I'll get it up as soon as I can scan it (188 pages).

    C. Nix

  3. Of course! The whole series is on my to read list–just haven't gotten to it yet.

    See my message under the Sign of the Four heading–you wouldn't have space to volunteer, since I know you actively post, but perhaps someone else will. I can't really do the linked document as John does, since I don't allow uploads through my company firewall.

    C. Nix

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