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Hey everyone! How are you? New here. A few years ago my in-laws gave us four small books on shorthand by Gregg. They are all signed and are as follows:
Gregg Shorthand: New and Revised Edition 1916
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary: New and Revised Edition 1916
Short Classics in Shorthand: “Gregg Writer Edition” 1927
Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Edtion (Advance copy): 1929
They also gave us a couple letters by him: one written, one typed.
Not big into shorthand but was wondering if anyone here may know if there is a market for this type of thing.
Any info. would be most appreciated. Thanks

(by stevew101 for everyone)

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  1. Hi there.  There is some market for items like you describe, but it's not huge and you're not going to get a lot of money for any of them.  Gregg-signed items show up from time to time on E-bay and don't always bring more than the asking price.   The one really interesting item you have is the "Short Classics in Shorthand" book, because it is much rarer and doesn't often show up on E-bay or in other used-book channels.  The Gregg signature may or may not be of interest to someone.  If I were to list a book like that on E-bay I'd start it around $20.00 and hope to receive higher bids, but there's no guarantee that would happen.   It's an interesting little collection.  How did your in-laws happen to have them?   Alex

  2. Alex: Thanks for the reply. Apparently either my grandmother or grandfather (in-law) was somehow related to a woman by the name of Ida Mclenan Cutler; it was through her son (assuming based from letters) that these were passed down to my wife's grandparents, my mother-in-law, and now to us. It is from the letters from Mr. Gregg as well as a letter written by a Mr. Rupert SoRelle that this is supposed.

  3. Thanks, John! That would be great! I see you guys are already working on that. Honestly, this is really the first time I really ever gave the books and letters a thought but now that I have I'm thinking having a few pieces of history is kind of nice. Think I'll hold on to them…and let my kids sell them in about 20 years!

  4. You could always start reading them! You and your family could use it for secret messages, or when they hit the boring lecture stage. (Or when a teacher wants to mark their notebooks. "Yes, sir, I took very good notes. Verbatim, in fact. Here they are.")

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