Do I really need to?

Well, all of you know that after a principle has been introduced, you are given reading material to read before proceeding to the next lesson. Well, they’re annoying and there are A LOT of them and steadily increases in number every lesson.
My question is that can you skip some of them or is it mandatory to read all?

(by zekiel1999 for everyone)

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  1. With the increase in number, remember you're getting faster. I suspect, once you get past the intro week, they expect you to spend the same total time each week.

    Which book are you using that has a lot of reading material? I'm having to put several together (and hope they use the same system and order).

  2. The short answer is no, no skipping is allowed.  Shorthand is like learning a new language.  You waste more time by skipping ahead and having to come back to (1) find the lesson where the principle is taught, and (2) learn the principle that you had skipped, rather than doing it the right way from the beginning.

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