How big to print

I’ve discovered that the local copy shop costs less than shipping. (Also suits my (lack of) patience better.)

I’m looking at the Anni 5000 words, Fundamental Drills, Word and sentence Drills, and the Pre-Anniversary manual. (Anni manual is in the mail.)

Are they best printed two or four per side? I’d like them as close as possible to the original size. Or does anyone have even more accurate measurements? A measurement of the text area rather than the page area? I’ve tried printing samples and holding them over words in my DJS manual, and get different answers with every word (two different writers, obviously.)



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  1. I don't know if it matters.  My anniervsary book writing seems small to me, but I write large.  My Function Method Anniversary book pages are 5"x 6 1/2".  My Gregg Anniversary Speed Studies is the same size.   "How Big Should My Shorthand Be?" – link has some tips on that.  As long as you can read it any size is sufficient.   Can you print one page and see if you can read it and it matches your own notes?  I think that would be the best for you. Debbi

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