Study Buddy (Buddies?)

Once life returns to normal (i.e., the kids are back in school), I’d love to have a study buddy.

Maybe share goals (chapters and speed). Maybe take turns dictating mp3 files at the right speeds. Keep each other going. Like exercise buddies.

I’m doing Anniversary, and also have DJS (College). I’ve already worked through most of DJS once, but not looking at speed.


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  1. CB,
    Although I can't be your AnniBud, I hope my advice may prove helpful in your endeavor.
    If you have gone through the DJS manual and can read DJS material, you have a good foundation to start Anniversary. If you're using the 1929 Manual, it would be extremely helpful to you to use Speed Studies (3rd Edition) which is coordinated unit by unit with the Manual and provides supplemental drills and reading material which you should complete after studying the same unit number in the Manual. This reinforcement as you proceed will ensure that you remember the new brief forms and shortcuts. It has previously been pointed out that if you are comfortable with Anniversary, it's fairly easy to read all versions through DJS. The 1902 and 1916 Manuals are essentially the same system as the Anniversary except they have more shortcuts and abbreviations.
    If you're using the Functional (1936) Manual in 2 volumes, there's plenty of timed dictation as well as scads of reading and writing practice and it's really not necessary to use extra material (although if you're really enamoured of the system, you might also like to use Speed Studies (3rd Edition) for review and reinforcement.
    When you have completed either the 1929 or 1936 Manuals, I'd recommend Gregg Speed Building for Colleges if you want a thorough review of all theory and build additional vocabulary.
    Remember that when you're writing the outlines, you want to from the onset associate the outline with sound. This is more fully explained in ther introduction to Speed Studies.
    Incidentally all the books I've mentioned as well as many other Anniversary books are readily available on Amazon or eBay at reasonable prices.
    I have also found the Anniversary editions of most common words and most common phrases to be very helpful for quick review. Good luck in your hoped for mastery of Anniversary. It really is a fun system to learn and use!

  2. Folks here recommend Speed Studies 3rd edition a lot, and warn against the other editions. Except, Abebooks doesn't list edition.

    Does 3rd edition mean Anniversary, or is it the third within Anniversary?

    I did manage to find a thread saying it was 1944, but abebooks doesn't have any for that year. It does have a lot for 1941, and one each at 1940, 1945 and 1947.

    So, which year should I be looking for? (And cross your fingers that I'll find a store that has all sorts of useful books, so I can save shipping costs.)

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Family holidays coming up soon. I try to go cold turkey on the internet for them, so if you don't see me,… (And if you do, send condolences to my ignored family.)

  3. 1945 and 1947 are guaranteed to be Third Edition. I suspect 1941 is, but that may be 2nd Edition. I actually have 4 different Editions of Speed Studies – 1919 (which augments the 1916 Manual), Anniversary, 2nd Edition, and the Third Edition (I'm not home but I believe my copy was printed in 1945).

    We recommend Third Edition because it has lots of material and is very well coordinated unit by unit with the Anniversary Manual.

  4. Still more questions. Way too many choices on abebooks, and the best deals are the least informative.

    (And some good laughs. $80 for one that's often $2. "Book is filled with meaningless scribbles.")

    How many pages, approx, is the Anniversary Functional? Several entries don't say which volume it is, and one (more expensive) says it's both volumes together.

  5. CB,

    Am I to play the role of James Mason giving you a Sue Lyons wannabe a pedicure? If you go to Amazon and type "Gregg Shorthand Functional" you'll get beaucoup of descriptions from all the resellers who frequently offer both volumes together. Also, if you're doing the Functional Manual, be sure to start with Volume 1 as each lesson builds upon what is learned in (after completing Lesson 1) the preceding lesson.

    I had not realized how well thought through the system presentation is in all the Anniversary literature until I started to re-examine it a few months ago. 'Tis true, alas, that all the rules may not be as verbalized in the 1929 Manual as they were in pre-Anniversary texts, but if you will study and practice the given examples, you cannot help but subconsciously follow the non-written rules. Enjoy!

  6. The functional method of the Anniversary edition does not have any rules in the textbook. That was one of the teaching methods.  If you do better with rules, then the small one volume Anniversary is better suited.  I find I like both.   And yes, the Functional Method is a 2 book. The one benefit of it is that it has a key in the back so you can flip back to check an out line.   For a buddy, have you looked or put something on the Penpals section of this site?  

  7. One of the problems with is that although the bookseller may have entered the date of publication in the listing, it doesn't show unless they type it in the description.   If you do an advanced search, and limit it to, say, 1940 – 1945, then you might just find the book you're looking for. The bookstore may not have put the publication date in the description, but may have entered it on the listing.   I don't know why abe doesn't show the publication dates on the website.   sidhe

  8. I am just starting on learning Anniversary and could be a study buddy. I may slow you down some though, since I have no previous experience in Gregg. I am currently through about chapter two of the Anni manual. But I could do some review work until you catch up if you're interested.


  9. Hi Cricket.  If you're familiar with using an electronic pen and pad, it'd be a fun and productive experience to meet your shorthand study-buddy in a "Chat 'n Draw" whiteboard room at    You could both talk to each other by typing on the whiteboard or typing from the chat line.  You could both write your shorthand on the same board at the same time.   Maybe even one of the more experienced shorthand writers from our message board here would agree to meet you there and demonstrate or upload a shorthand picture to the whiteboard gallery.  It's actually quite a great tool for solving your shorthand proportional difficulties.    It's also a great spot to take turns reviewing flashcard reviews.  Just write your shorthand letter, brief form, word, etc… on the whiteboard and your buddy writes the answer from the chat line below it.   Just another way to have fun learning shorthand.  Please try it when you can.    Bye now, Ms. Letha  teachme[at]ghvalley[dot]net  

  10. Jessica, sounds good! I got about half-way through chapter 3 over the holidays, don't know if I'll do any more at all until the kids are back in school.

    The main thing is to keep each other going. Ages ago when I had a swimming buddy, she was much faster than I was but what mattered most was that we made sure the other didn't drop out, and be happy for each other for meeting individual goals.

  11. Cricket,

    Let me know when you're ready to get back into your shorthand studies. In the mean time I'll keep working when I can (I'm in Unit 8 now) but it's been a bit difficult to find time for shorthand lately, so who knows where I'll be when you're ready. I know what you mean about keeping each other motivated; that's what I was hoping for. I was mostly just clearing the air so that we were both on the same page.


  12. Hi, Cricket, this is in response to your post on the "Connections" thread; thought it would be better here.   Thanks for the invite, I'd love to join in when I can. 
    You could go ahead with your schedule when you're ready, and if the topic's specifically Anni-based, I could step back and just listen, and jump back in when it's something I find familiar with Simplified.   Hi, Jessica, I hope that's okay with you too?   As to where I stand now, I got to the "den blend" in the middle of the book, but was getting slack on practicing all of the material, and from then on, I kinda memorized the rules but didn't do any proper reading at all, so I've gone back to the start again, and now I'm on Lesson 7 out of 70.   Martha

  13. Hi, sorry it took me so long to reply.   I agree, a whiteboard is not much use without the electronic pad and pen.  But should you ever purchase the pad/pen set, you'll enjoy pulling up a notebook background and writing your shorthand on a screen.  Pretty cool and lots of fun when you meet a shorthand buddy there!   I wish I could help more, but I'm so busy with "fixing" my website right now and don't have much time to be a faithful study-buddy.  Sounds like you're leaning more toward Anniversary Gregg and I'm sure you'll eventually come across plenty of Annie-Buddies here.  You're in the right place to learn as this is one of my favorite places too!  Don't get discouraged, just keep this thread open and others will come!    I may be able to assist by providing some extra room for you to upload your shorthand lesson unit writings to a personal gallery so you could see your writing progress as you go.  When you get shorthand buddies, they can use your same gallery to do the same thing.  Look see:  I know you have some room here to upload your shorthand writing and compare with other friends.  If you run out of room or want to try the gallery thing, just email me.  I'm sure my email address is floating in this thread someplace!    As far as study-time tools for you and your buddies, maybe you could use a "Spoiler Tag" method of studying and reviewing your shorthand principles.  Look see:  I suppose you could also open a variety of topics and sub-topics to use as testing rooms.  If you're interested, I can explain a little bit more about that at a later time.   That's all I can think of for now.  If you think it might help, I could always add your request for an Annie Study-Buddy to next month's Gregg Shorthand newsletter to see if anyone responds.    Time to stop yapping!  Hope this helps a little.  Ms. Letha

  14. I think the whiteboard is awesome!  I used to have fun writing profanities in Gregg using MSN Messenger's whiteboard feature with my Gregg-buddy.  Sure, the mouse wasn't perfect, but how often do you get to communicate real time (or anytime) in Gregg?  We used to have a chatroom here in the Gregg Group that was used like…never…and I had always wished I had the skills to incorporate a whiteboard to make it more useful.  Thanks for making my wish come true!

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