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In the Anniversary Manual it says “when X occurs at the end of or within words it is expressed by S slightly modified in slant”. However I’m having a very hard time determining what exactly this modification in slant is… for example the outlines for “niece” (n-e-s) and “next” (n-e-x) look identical as far as I can tell. Am I missing something here?


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  1. I think in practice it would not matter much because the sense of the rest of the sentence would make it clear. See you neice time.
    Have a next day. I'm a Pitman writer, but that's how I see it. I just looked up my Gregg Simplified Page 25 and the s is more open, less tightly curved, tilted over about 45 degrees (8th of a circle), or
    or 7-1/2 minutes of the clock. Hope that helps. The main thing would be to write it differently enough to be able to tell it from an ordinary s, though most of thetime you would be able to work it out. Look up your book for miss mix fees fix box boxes text relax relaxes tax taxes etc.

    Bi now
    yours paul

  2. Next and niece look identical simply because next is a brief form, so it is written n – e – s, and the x is not used.   A better example for comparison for the x and s strokes will be the words "seas" and "six".  For the word "six", there is a slant on the x stroke, where there is no slant on the word "seas".

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