Gregg-Lessons advertising-flyer design suggestions?

    I’m thinking of putting out a flyer-advertisement to teach Gregg Shorthand locally here in Albuquerque New Mexico USA. So far I’m basically thinking of saying something about increasing your writing speed up to 40 and even 120 words per minute… and something about increasing your lecture-material comprehension and retention to nearly 100%. Any suggestions?
  (For an even ten years I was the main notetaker for a lecture-notetaking and publishing service on a major USA university campus. I was usually taking notes for two or three classes each academic quarter. After the first few months I began teaching myself Gregg Shorthand. I also wound up using it extensively for graduate seminars etcetera.)
   Richard Harper

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  1. Hi Richard,   So happy to hear you're wanting to teach Gregg Shorthand!    If you'll send me an email of all the information you'd like advertised, I'd be happy to announce it in the Gregg Shorthand Newsletter for distribution on Sept 15th.   If you need someplace to post your lessons, graphic demos and testing, I'd be happy to allow you a "private" forum for experimenting.  If you find your layout acceptable, it would be a great "first start" as a supplemental income.  Take a look around the Community Forum area and see if it might temporarily meet your teaching needs.   I'd be happy to meet you at the "Shout Box" for some IM talk on Saturdays or Sundays.  If this idea works well for you, maybe this same idea could be helpful to other shorthand teachers, trainers and experienced shorthand writers of 20+ years.   Thank you for teaching our beloved shorthand skill!  Ms. Letha  teachme[at]ghvalley[dot]net  

  2. Just another idea and an additional help.  Finish creating your flyer and I'll post it for distribution from the newsletter.   Otherwise, you can post it permanently in the articles and ads section of my website.   Let me know.  Ms. Letha  teachme[at]ghvalley[dot]net.

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