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Hi there,
I’ve been working on a Gregg Shorthand Newsletter for awhile now and I think it’s ready for the first publication.
A sample of the newsletter in progress is at and will be published via email subscriptions on Sept 15th.  Contact me at this link to ask any questions or submitting your idea, article or request .
This is an open invitation for everyone and will include all Gregg Shorthand versions, adaptions and also news about other shorthand types.  
Here’s a list of ideas for your publications and notices (which are also posted permanently as archives from the shorthand website as free help to other shorthand writers and teachers:
  1. Shorthand Articles/Stories (written in English or shorthand)
  2. Shorthand Classes, Courses, Lessons offered, links or contacts
  3. Website Announcements, Subscriber Birthdays…
  4. Requests for new teaching environments…
  5. Classifieds, Ads, Translators, etc…
  6. Why not make your shorthand article a shorthand lesson for members?
  7. Give a shorthand lesson from a Gregg Community Forum and put the lesson link in the newsletter.
  8. Shorthand Drawings, Puzzles, Riddles and Game creations!
  9. Want to teach shorthand? Announce it in the newsletter!
  10. Add free lessons to a shorthand forum and provide the link from the newsletter!
  11. Any article you write can be sent to a variety of shorthand friends and commented on by anyone.

I believe the Gregg Shorthand Newsletter will be very helpful to everyone as a permanent reference tool. 
Thanks for being part of the fun!  Bye now, Ms. Letha – ShorthandClasses.Com

(by shorthandteach for everyone)

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  1. You're welcome.    I'm so excited to share shorthand news through this means.  I've been working on it for many months and I guess I thought there'd be more response from our group.  It's funny how we can sometimes get soooo excited about what we're doing or have accomplished to only find out, it's not that big a deal to others.  Done this lots!    That's okay, I'm still happy about it!    Maybe by getting this Gregg Shorthand Newsletter off and distributed, it will spark more interest for someone in our group to take charge and get the Gregg Writer going again.   What a great idea!  I know I saw a thread where members were interested.  I just don't have the time to dedicate toward a large, shorthand magazine, but if anyone here takes off with it, I definitely WANT to be part of it!

  2. Great site!! I've tried to subscribe though and I'm having some trouble. I already sent an email through the site. I'm just beginning so things are still foreign to me, but I'm excited to learn more through your newsletter. Keep up the great work!

  3. My coworker surprised me this morning with a gift of three Gregg Writer issues: January, June, and September, 1939. I was impressed by the quality of the publication, this being my first time setting eyes on a real copy, and was reminded how exciting it is to see Ms. Letha's electronic revival of the Gregg periodical. May it grow to be just as impressive to those looking back at us from 70 years in the future!

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