Online practice before books arrive?

Hi, just joined the group earlier today after becoming interested in taking up shorthand. After reading up on the various types I ordered two of the Gregg Diamond Jubilee books. Since it’ll take awhile for them to arrive and I’d like to start practicing now, is there any online resource that I can use? I was thinking of reading the Anniversity manual where it’s posted online but I don’t know which part of it would be similar to Diamond Jubilee. Does anyone know if Unit 1/the beginning of the Anniversary manual covers the same things as Jubilee? Thanks for any help.

(by subzerox2 for everyone)

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  1. The Anniversary manual may be a good place to start, but it moves fast! You may also want to practice the brief forms from Diamond Jubilee on the gregg.angelfishy website; it will probably be a bit confusing without the introductory information, but it is certainly worth trying.  Good Luck. 

  2. Hi Subzero – If all you do is just get the basic Gregg alphabet from any of the material on various sites, you can learn a lot just by playing around with it for a few days.  After all, that's the core of the whole thing, anyway. I first learned by getting the Gregg characters out of an everyday encyclopedia and then got a Simplified textbook later.  Most everyday words are the same in any version of Gregg, e.g. "please" is just sounded out P-L-E-S, and  so on.

  3. The presentation of the principles in the Anniversary manual is very different from that in the DJS manual (in fact, even some of the shortcuts that are presented in the Anniv manual in Unit 1 are different from DJS).  To avoid confusion, I recommend to wait until you get the book.  Also, that way you would be more eager and motivated to learn!

  4. Oops—please is actually a brief form in Simplified, but I agree that it wouldn't hurt to have fun by playing with the Gregg alphabet, since it is the same in all versions (except for blended consonants like def or pend).  Note: in DJS, you don't use the markings under the vowels, so you can ignore those too—you just figure out the vowels based on context.

  5. Looks like my best bet would be to try some of the alphabet(with a few exceptions) if I want to do some practice before the books come. I'll play around a little bit with that this week, hoping the books will come by Friday. Thanks guys!

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