Annv Flash Cards

I have created flash cards to aid in my study and memorization of the Anniversary brief forms. Perhaps they can be helpful to others as well.

(by rdd331 for everyone)
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  1. My apologies for the multiple posts, but I realized that I made an error in the instructions for printing the flash cards. Please find the updated instructions below:


    Avery Two-Side Printable Ink Jet Clean Edge Business Cards – 8869 (40 sheets)

    It is possible that a generic brand of template business card stock is available. Just make sure that it matches Avery template 8373 and that it is two-side printable


    1. Print file Flash Cards – Annv Brief Forms

    2. Flip over the stack of sheets printed in step 1.

    Be careful of your orientation or you may end up printing the answer key upside down and on the wrong cards. I suggest printing just one page in step 1 and the corresponding page in step 3 in order to test your flip orientation.

    3. Print file Flash Cards – Annv Brief Forms – Key

    Attachment: Flash Cards – Annv Brief Forms – Instructions v2.doc

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