Speedw – fastest system ever?

Since I’ve resumed my Pitman New Era studies, my attention has been brought again to this system found on the wonderfull archive.org.

Was wondering if anybody has heard anything about it or has any opinions?

It looks super fast and simpler than Pitman, and maybe even simpler than the older versions of Gregg. It uses Gregg-like forward motion charachters, but omits the vowels for the most part and uses position writing exactly as per Pitman.

Any opinions?

Here’s the textbook:

(by wordsigner for


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  1. I must say, that system looks incredibly complex. Maybe it's just because I have Gregg eyes, but all those position rules and extremely subtle variations in angle seem rather difficult. It's still a fascinating read-through.

    But why is there a brief form for Christian? 😛

  2. Yup, we've got vowels, just like "Wheel of Fortune".  After awhile you'll automatically "see" and "hear" the right vowel as you read Gregg because of the context or the subject matter of the dictation you just took down.  It really does get easier and more automatic as you keep practicing, I promise.  The human brain is wonderful.  Sometimes I totally misread something and it's kind of funny, though.  The other day in my "Reading & Writing Practice" I read, "Dear Pollen:", and I thought, what a strange name.  After puzzling for a moment I realized the name was Pauline.

  3. In Gregg, you don't have to worry about vowels until they come up, as opposed to Pitman where you have to think about the vowels before you start writing.

    As you get better, you'll start seeing words (and phrases) as entire entities, and only have to sound out the uncommon ones, like learning to read and write English.


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